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grant willing

hidden amidst grant willing's idyllic american landscapes, i found this triptych of a deer carcass.

thoughts that popped into my mind when i saw the carcass: the american west, richard misrach, o'death, fan o' deer, gray, decay, gray-decay...

i love how the cropping/chopping creates a contrast between the momento mori motif and the effect of live-movement created by the divisions and repetitions. my eyes keep tripping over the frames.

i started to think about the word carcass:

main entry: car·cass
pronunciation: \ˈkär-kəs\
function: noun
etymology: middle english carcays, from anglo-french carcas, carkeis
date: 14th century

1: a dead body : corpse; especially : the dressed body of a meat animal
2: the living, material, or physical body: i hauled my carcass out of bed
3: the decaying or worthless remains of a structure: the carcass of an abandoned automobile
4: the underlying structure or frame of something (as of a piece of furniture)

the dressed body of a meat animal

or, maybe, a deceased dressed child. like the post mortem images of children from the 1800s.

death in photography fascinates me. references from the 19th century always pop into my head. but the color pallate of this image makes me think of the depression era dust storms. maybe georgia o'keefe. the steer paintings. or edward weston.

p.s. i began writing this post 2 months ago to the day; i'm not sure what made me go back to it this evening.

rod graves/ 2

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feels just like home/1

new year, new blogs...

i came across three pretty fun (and pretty pretty) blogs recently:

1/ loveology
2/ the kissing knees craft
3/ and my favorite: copenhagen collage

go forth. explore. enjoy.

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catharine frances

i nicked this image from catharine maloney's facebook page. i'm not totally sure that that doesn't cross a line somehow. but i loved it. so here it is.

terttUUU/ 2

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flickr is down right now. i'm at a loss. how rare these posting spurts of mine are these days! how un-fortuitous. i'm pretty sure that isn't a real word.

the sartorialist, revisted

i've been trying to catch up not only on my blog postings, but also on my blog reading. i visited old blog friends like jinius and cadiz and attempted to catch up on their lives (it's truly odd how close i feel to my online friends). i also visited the sartorialist, which i haven't done in ages. i was so impressed upon returning to his blog. the images remind me precisely of august sander. i forgot how enjoyable i found them. i think there is something so sincere and sweet in the gestures of his subjects. i feel as though the fashion has become secondary to the photography at this point (but i'm probably biased).

plus, what a rare treat to see such an abundance of images from any one individual. i love being able to follow someone's visual train of thought that way.

jump for joy 2008!

i emailed a former teacher of mine recently, stuart rome, and this image was attached to his response with the caption, "jump for joy 2008!" so sweet!

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