Friday, April 6, 2007

a note on the flickrs

irene asked me a good question about the "a flickr a day" series (the flickrs from here on out), and it occured to me that the majority of my readers probably have no idea what they are about considering when i started posting them i had little to no readership. no, i don't comment in any meaningful way on the flickrs becuase i post one every day and i think that just by posting them it's clear that i like the images. i don't think i'd be able to keep up the daily pace if i had to write something for every image. i also like how clean the images look by themselves. they function as daily visual inspirations and nothing more. of late, i've taken to editing them into series of 3 - 6 images, partly because it's fun for me, partly because i like the way it looks. i don't retouch the images unless they appear overly cyan; for some reason a lot of people can't see cyan. i find the images by digging through the favorites sections of other flickr photographers i like. it can be harrowing work at times. i've detailed that here.

this is what i wrote about the flickrs when i first started and this explains how they, and this blog, progressed.

and to irene: i appreciate the feedback, to everyone else: feel free to let me know your thoughts every once in a while. blogging can be a lonely business without comments from readers from time to time.

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