Wednesday, March 28, 2007

simply photo

i've been having some trouble with my "a flickr a day" series. nothing serious, i've just found it increasingly difficult to find strong images. i usually start by looking at the favorites pages of photographers i've already posted about, but i just haven't been having that much luck lately. or maybe i'm just getting pickier; more than just posting good images, i want to post images by talented photographers. i feel like i keep coming across the same photographers which is crazy considering the probably millions of people who use flickr, or maybe after browsing through image after image for what feels like hours at a time i completely lose the ability to differentiate between good and bad photographs.

but i experienced a renewed excitement for the project upon seeing simply photo’s flickr favorites page. i don't know weather she intentionally arranged the images into the above sweet looking grid (i kind of doubt it), but she managed to compose a grid that could probably hold it's own as a photographic print. i think this makes an interesting idea for a project for several reasons: 1) flickr crops photos into square thumbnails, effectively creating a new image that may or may not be as successful as the original (adding to my difficulty in finding good ones), 2) the painstaking difficulty of arranging all those little thumbnails in a specific order exclusively on the flickr favorites page (it would clearly be cheating to do it in photoshop) kind of blows my mind. this sounds like a fun idea to make my endless browsing less stressful, although it’s probably just as likely to have the opposite effect.

jen (of simply photo) also takes her own pictures. she seems to favor a soft pastel color palette, coupled with a soft focus, in both her own work and the work of others. her pictures, like the one below, are for sale on her etsy shop. only, oddly enough, i prefer the shots she takes of her pictures, more than i like the pictures themselves. i hope that's not mean. i don't mean it to be mean. i just really love the delicate piece of masking tape, and the subtle texture of the paint on the wall. i wonder if i ask her very nicely if she would specially make a limited edition of that available so i could think about maybe buying it. although i can’t say i’m really in the habit of buying other people’s photographs. i don't know if i'm interested in that kind of commitment with anyone's photos other than my own, or maybe my friends. maybe.

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