Saturday, March 28, 2009

no one does it like you

my roommate was one of the six dancers they used to film the video for the department of eagles' single "no one does it like you." it premiered at the moma last week.

directed by patrick daughters and marcel dzama
costumes and set designs by marcel dzama
choreography by vanessa walters

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das leben der anderen

i just finished watching this movie. i'm going to go ahead and say that it was the best movie i've seen in at least a year. i'm still stunned.

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women in photography grant


amy elkins and cara philips, co-founders of women in photography, are excited to announce the first ever wipnyc grant. yes, like the site, you must be a “women in photography” to apply. there will be a small $20 processing fee.

wipnyc -lightside individual project grant

women in photography, co-founded by amy elkins and cara phillips in june 2008 to showcase the works of female fine art photographers, is pleased to announce their first project grant, funded by lightside photographic services/ and co-sponsored by lti. the $3,000 grant award will provide funding to one photographer to support project costs.

grant: $3000.00. One grant will be awarded

application process opens: wednesday april 1, 2009 12am
link to online application will be made available on

deadline: friday, may 1, 2009, 12am

grant announcement: june 10, 2009
grant announcement will be made at evening event at the national arts club, grand gallery. there will be a reception for the grant winner and a slideshow presentation of their work. the grant winner’s work will be featured in a online solo showcase opening on 6/16/09.

applicant eligibility:
applications will be only be accepted from photographers who are at least 18 years old, and who are not currently enrolled in any full-time or part-time degree program.

project: eligibility:
projects submitted for consideration can be new or ongoing. applicants should submit no more than one proposal in support for one project.

review process:
wip’s curatorial staff, amy elkins & cara phillips will review projects for visual and conceptual strength, rigor of purpose and clarity of stated project goals.

submission guidelines:
wipny will only accept online submissions.
applicants must submit exactly five images. each image must be:

jpeg format
650 pixels wide

contact info
bio (under 200 words)

**please direct all grant submission questions to the email address which will be made available as of april 1, 2009**

project description:
describe the project in 300 words or less* (in place of artist statement)
please include: project start date, or in progress staus. estimated finish date?*
please provide a detailed list of expenses. itemize each expense and provide a dollar amount.*

please list any estimated income or other funding sources.*

women in photography
co-curated by amy elkins and cara phillips
wipcny is a humble arts foundation project.

best of luck!

invisible city, issue 01

to my great surprise, one of my images was selected to be in the inaugural issue of invisible city, an online magazine conceived by marlaina read.

other contributors include:

marlaina read, alexander binder, aaron mcelroy, olivia locher, noel ruiz, alejandro cartagena, michael scaringe, kristen heldman, benjamin reich, chih-han hsu, jason reed, jordan tate, daniel farnum, susanne willuhn, grace kim, bruno roels, aaron joel, santos, carlo dulla, stephen donnelly, andrew p. marcinek, nicola trethowan, vladimir zykov, m kitchell, kris t kahn

a little about the project:

invisible city is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and writing by emerging artists from australia and around the world. each issue will explore a contemporary theoretical idea through images, creative and critical writing and will be curated to theme with an accompanying essay.

the magazine will be produced initially in pdf format, with a view to move to a full flash integration with an accompanying PDF edition.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

montmarte's sketchbook

some images from montmarte's blog. i've been following this blog for a few years now. from what i gather, she is not a trained photographer, but she has a great eye, great taste and a very consistent aesthetic. oh, and a lovely sense of color.

jess williamson

from jess williamson's flickr page

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

march: cdg / jhe by jh engstrom

amazon has yet to deliver my february selection so i have decided to extend my resolution to stipulate that i only buy books from brick and mortar locations.

i picked this up at my local art-book store spoonbill & sugartown.


1/ i hadn't ever seen the pictures before that i can remember.

2/ the pictures look like daguerreotypes in color.

3/ i wanted to know more.

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overwhelmed, amazed

where to begin?

i went to a lecture at sva this week, "collecting contemporary photography--with an emphasis on emerging artists." it was really very fascinating and covered issues that i had encountered while working at gallery 339.

someone on the panel mentioned that when in need of inspiration she turns to the photo section at the strand bookstore.

i am often in need of inspiration.

so i went.

only i wasn't really prepared. i've never, ever seen so many photo books in one place and this includes the photo sections at several well respected college art libraries. i need to go there sans bag, sans coat and in a pair of stretchy pants so i can plop down indian-style on a spot on the floor for hours upon hours. possibly i should also bring snacks.

also: i don't know how much longer i can maintain the "flickr a day" series. my eyes are being saturated with too much mediocrity, and all those bad pictures are starting to make me bitter. i'd like to replace them with a picture a day project featuring images of my own, but i'm not sure i have the discipline for that kind of project.

i'm welcome to suggestions from you, my ever silent audience.