Sunday, March 8, 2009

overwhelmed, amazed

where to begin?

i went to a lecture at sva this week, "collecting contemporary photography--with an emphasis on emerging artists." it was really very fascinating and covered issues that i had encountered while working at gallery 339.

someone on the panel mentioned that when in need of inspiration she turns to the photo section at the strand bookstore.

i am often in need of inspiration.

so i went.

only i wasn't really prepared. i've never, ever seen so many photo books in one place and this includes the photo sections at several well respected college art libraries. i need to go there sans bag, sans coat and in a pair of stretchy pants so i can plop down indian-style on a spot on the floor for hours upon hours. possibly i should also bring snacks.

also: i don't know how much longer i can maintain the "flickr a day" series. my eyes are being saturated with too much mediocrity, and all those bad pictures are starting to make me bitter. i'd like to replace them with a picture a day project featuring images of my own, but i'm not sure i have the discipline for that kind of project.

i'm welcome to suggestions from you, my ever silent audience.


Anonymous said...

i vote for your own images.

Sister in Second-hand Sequins..... said...

I agree, seeing some of your own images would be interesting. Perhaps you could share something of your own, and then also the work of someone who inspires you. Sort of juxtaposing the two.

alissa said...

I want to go to this place! I vote your own images too. Try one a week.