Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 things

sheri freakin' tagged me. i've never been tagged before. i'm still in shock. i was a blog-tag virgin. blogging is such a strange world. i can't help but wonder if i was included in her list as a secret ploy to get me to blog about something (anything) again. so here goes:

1/ i obsessively twirl my hair. to the point where strangers have come up to me to tell me how mesmerizing they find watching me do it.

2/ i have a scar down the center of my tongue from when, as a four year old, i hit my head on a diving board whilst trying to do a flip. i've never been able to flip since, and this includes a three year stint on a diving team (just so you know, a basic flip is the basis of almost every dive).

3/ i love christmas.

4/ i'm a fraternal twin. our birthday was tuesday.

5/ i don't like ice cream all that much. the massive combination of sugar and dairy makes me kind of sick. i do however like cookies. a lot.

6/ i still wear my retainer.

7/ i once broke a girl's nose. we were goofing off during swim practice and our game went awry. she was gushing blood. i didn't accept that it was broken until five years later. i sincerely thought she was joking, but she pulled me aside one day and was like, listen, you really broke my nose.

8/ i am currently staying on the couch of a friend in brooklyn, as i don't have a home. searching for an apartment is worrying the devil out me and consuming my entire life.

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words words words

some words i learned this week...

main entry: den·drite
function: noun
date: 1751
1: a branching treelike figure produced on or in a mineral by a foreign mineral; also : the mineral so marked
2: a crystallized arborescent form
3: any of the usually branching protoplasmic processes that conduct impulses toward the body of a neuron — see neuron

main entry: limn
pronunciation: \ˈlim\
function: transitive verb
inflected form(s): limned; limn·ing Listen to the pronunciation of limning \ˈli-miŋ, ˈlim-niŋ\
etymology: middle english limnen to illuminate (a manuscript), probably back-formation from lymnour illuminator, alteration of lumenur, from anglo-french aluminer, enluminer to illuminate, ultimately from Latin illuminare
date: 1592
1 : to depict or describe in painting or words
2 : to outline in clear sharp detail : delineate
3 : to suffuse or highlight with a bright color or light

main entry: 2torque
function: noun
etymology: latin torquēre to twist
date: circa 1884
1: a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion ; also : a measure of the effectiveness of such a force that consists of the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the axis of rotation
2: a turning or twisting forc

susu laroche

this week's flickr selection, susu laroche, is 18. this is all the information i can find on her and it blows my mind.

(it also blows my mind that even though there is a link below every picture i post, people insist upon telling me upon their initial viewing of my blog how much they like my work. are you kidding?? the flickrs vary so vastly from week to week that i can't even imagine they could all have been taken by the same photographer. i guess it's time i explain this somewhere more clearly...)

susu laroche/ 4

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i think i'll burst

if i don't get a large format camera soon, i think i'll burst.

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places to see

sometimes my need of photography overwhelms me. it catches me off guard. it only started happening recently, after shooting became secondary in my schedule. i used to shoot almost every day. at least every week. taking pictures and my life were entangled. yet, here, in a new city i find myself without a camera and in desperate need of one.

and i do need it. i need the familiar weighty feeling of metal and plastic in my hands, the tinny click of the shutter in my ear. i need to hide my face behind its mechanisms and experience this new place in metaphors.

jennifer causey

photographers like jennifer causey always reassure me that i could support myself on photography alone. i may have no idea how to use a strobe, but i can certainly take a beautiful still life with natural lighting. a market for this kind of simple, elegant imagery exists. i'm sure of it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

reasons why i've been so quiet as of late:

1/ bizarrely, and quite suddenly, i find my self moving to brooklyn (i don't think i'm ready to disclose my new employment details yet, but let's just say it's super exciting).

2/ the website, also quite suddenly, is very near completion. i'll keep you posted.

3/ it's graduation party/wedding season, so my social calendar is rather full for a change.

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busy busy

i can't wait to fill everyone in on the insanity that is my life right now. but i can't just yet, so please sit tight for a little while more.

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i found them. crisis averted, thank christ. or more accurately saint anthony, since i was frantically repeating his mantra over and over again in my head.

oh where, oh where...

i'm helping out a friend (other than alissa) shoot a wedding today. i'm super excited (as always), but the emergency of my morning is that i can't find my sunglasses. i have a backup pair of course, but i really don't want to have to resort to that. i'm sort of frantic. i just had them last night...

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