Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 things

sheri freakin' tagged me. i've never been tagged before. i'm still in shock. i was a blog-tag virgin. blogging is such a strange world. i can't help but wonder if i was included in her list as a secret ploy to get me to blog about something (anything) again. so here goes:

1/ i obsessively twirl my hair. to the point where strangers have come up to me to tell me how mesmerizing they find watching me do it.

2/ i have a scar down the center of my tongue from when, as a four year old, i hit my head on a diving board whilst trying to do a flip. i've never been able to flip since, and this includes a three year stint on a diving team (just so you know, a basic flip is the basis of almost every dive).

3/ i love christmas.

4/ i'm a fraternal twin. our birthday was tuesday.

5/ i don't like ice cream all that much. the massive combination of sugar and dairy makes me kind of sick. i do however like cookies. a lot.

6/ i still wear my retainer.

7/ i once broke a girl's nose. we were goofing off during swim practice and our game went awry. she was gushing blood. i didn't accept that it was broken until five years later. i sincerely thought she was joking, but she pulled me aside one day and was like, listen, you really broke my nose.

8/ i am currently staying on the couch of a friend in brooklyn, as i don't have a home. searching for an apartment is worrying the devil out me and consuming my entire life.

my victims:


Sheri said...

hmmm, my best friend swears i broke her nose once in a drunk wrassling match in the younger days. blood everywhere.

does this mean i have to start believing her too?

thanks for playing!

Catharine said...

this is a note to let you know I miss your updates and to say that I hope you are having an awesome time in Brooklyn, I love it there.

see ya!

bluebird said...

i know, i know! i promise to get back in the swing of things soon. it's just so crazy right now. (you know it's bad when i can't even find time to post flickrs) but i promise this is a mere hiatus and that i shall return with lots of fun treasures to share.

jinius said...

yikes i just read this! so...does this mean all i have to do is reveal 8 things about myself? yikes!

bluebird said...

that is exactly what this means jinius. i'm counting on you. so get to work.

labyrinthine said...

Funny, I was searching for Susu Laroche and found your blog. I'm loving your 8 things, many made me laugh out loud. Thanks!