Sunday, July 8, 2007

catharine, with an "a"

after a month of neglecting this poor blog, i finally came up with the solution of asking a trusted friend and reader to fill in for me for a little while. luckily, the infamous catharine maloney has agreed to share her time, thoughts, and a few flickr images with all of you.

in the meantime, i need to move into my new apartment (yay!). i also need to sit down and decide the direction of this blog. i can now confess that i spent more time than i probably should have posting from my former job (sorry martin). i'm pretty sure my new position will not afford me the same luxury. i was averaging two or more posts a day before the move, and i don't think it is realistic to expect to maintain that pace. but i also have no intention of abandoning the project altogether. this blog has changed my life in ways i never could have imagined, and it has forced me to seek out photography that i find exciting and to articulate my thoughts on that photography in a coherent way. i just need to reevaluate how to proceed. i'm also willing to concede that once i get settled this issue might take care of itself. who knows. at least catharine will buy me a little more time, while providing you (and me) with some much needed photo-inspiration.

i included catharine's images in the close to home exhibition i curated for the bruise and you can read about the fateful day we met here. she's also a regular commenter on this blog, so nosy around some older posts if you are interested in getting to know her a little more. she is also re-starting a blog of her own called safety in adventure.

(i'm just going to post one more flickr before i leave the blog safely in catharine's hands. i hope you enjoy everything she comes up with.)

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