Thursday, February 1, 2007

catharine maloney

for those of you who don't know, i spend my days as the gallery assistant at gallery 339 on 21st and pine (an aside: we're the only art gallery in philly dedicated entirely to photography and we have a pretty wide range of price points so come check us out). while ideally i would like to spend all my days taking photographs and blogging, this job allows me to be around photography all the time and meet some pretty talented photographers so i'm quite content and happy here.

eventhough i'm actually really shy, so by "meet some pretty talented photographers" i really mean eavesdrop on my bosses conversations. but a very lovely young photographer, catharine maloney, came into the gallery today and we sort of clicked really quickly and she gave me her web address where she has some really nice photographs and drawings. her images remind a little of tina barney, at least the ones of her family, and she and i talked about alec soth so i'm guessing he's an influence as well.


jinius said...

what a cool gallery! next time im in philly i will have to stop by.

bluebird said...

you definitly should! i'm the girl with the puff of curly hair sticking out above the desk. can't miss me.

Catharine said...

This is Catharine. Thank you so much for putting my work up! I was not expecting to see it.

I really like this blog and plan to visit more often. Heather Culp's photographs are extremely interesting.

I hope I see you Thursday at the celebration for David Graham, I have work but I am trying to get out early so I can make it.

bluebird said...

hey catherine -- i actually won't be here thursday. i hope you come anyway! i'm going up to new york for the weekend, but the books signing should be nice.

Catharine said...

Have a good trip to new york! I will try and go anyway, I really want to see his new work.