Thursday, February 1, 2007

kanako sasaki

kanako sasaki's peculiar and voyeuristic imagery both delights and unsettles me. somehow a cross bewteen anna gaskell and philip lorca dicorcia, the drab winter landscapes of her "view from here series" combine intentionally flat afternoon lighting with exclamation points of bright color that contradict the otherwise quiet landscape.

*credit to lena corwin (i feel a tremendous sense of guilt from copying other bloggers posts, but it seems like common practice to give and exchange information in the blogging world as long as you cite the source and mostly i think my problem with this practice is that it makes me feel un-original and lame more than it acutally offends the orignial blogger who many times - like in this very case - finds their information from yet another blogger anyway, and besides, i'm pretty sure lena corwin has like a bizzilion more readers than i do).

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