Tuesday, September 30, 2008

jon huck

photographs from jon huck:

these are some fun portraits of people with their daily breakfast. bon appetite.

spinto band mask contest

catharine told me about a neat contest that the spinto band is hosting. unfortunately i just noticed that the deadline was yesterday. which means i totally dropped the ball. but maybe if you hurry they will kindly accept some entries a little late?


here at spintoband hq, we believe a little honest competition never hurt anyone. with that in mind, we would like to announce to the public a little contest. we call it:
print out the official roy spinto mask here http://www.spintoband.com/RoySpintoMask.pdf utilize the mask in a photograph capturing roy in an interesting, creative, and funky-fresh manner. for officials rules and a peek at the 2006 competition winner, click here! if you need further instructions, there's a dot on the moon-map to fulfill your quandries!

please email your entry to spintoband@gmail.com with the subject "ROY MASK PHOTO." all entries must be in by monday september 29th. a panel of expert judges from around the world will then vote to see which roy photo puts the biggest smile on their face.

contestants will be judged on awesomeness, absurdity, ingenuity, artistic flair, and sticking the landing.

grand prize: 1 winner- a brand new iPod, the entire park the van catalog (including the new spinto band cd, moonwink), a spinto band t shirt, 2 tickets to a spinto band concert near you

first prize: 3 winners- a signed vinyl copy of the spinto band's moonwink, a spinto Band t Shirt, 2 tickets to a spinto band concert near you

second Prize: 5 winners- a spinto band t shirt, 2 tickets to a spinto band concert near you.

best of luck,
the spinto band

some selections from their 2006 contest are on flickr.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

friends forever & gecko

i found these two videos via some grad school research i've been conducting of late.

above/ excerpt from friends forever
director marçal forés
producer ania nakov
cinematographer eduard grau
production designer marketa korinkova
editor miikka leskinen
sound recordist sara lima
sound designer chu-li shewring
composer natalie holt
online editor/colour grader martin cobelo weisz
writer melanie martinez

below/ gecko
written and directed by theresa von eitz
director of photography kristijan-jaak ruudi
camera stuart bontley
editor sergio vega borrego
composer kylie earl
sound post production ricardo fonseca

both films were created at the national film and television school in the uk.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

mandy lamb

photographs from mandy lamb:

i'm recreating the three above images in the same order i found them on mandy's website. what struck me in the sequence was how the shape of the cottage seemed to evolve from one photo to the next until it finally took the shape of the hanging net. also: the scale of the cottage strikes me as being off in a way that is very photographic. it looks smaller than life.

(and i'm a sucker for a dog picture.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

jens windolf

whale aka catharine maloney tipped me off to these charming/hilarious photo-collages by jens windolf.

his images really speak to the two dimensional nature of photography. by juxtaposing two incongruous photographs, jens manages to challenge the viewers expectation of visual resolution and steer the narrative in an entirely new direction.

jens is also a member of fjord photo.

Monday, September 1, 2008

malia james

photographs from malia james

above: i like the birds on his teacup and saucer. i like his just barely visible wedding band, the hair in his eyes and the mirror behind his head.

below: i lke the way the flash vingettes the text on the wall and how it illuminates just a few of the letters effectively turning them from black to white. and of course i love the little creature peeping its head into the bottom of the frame.

malia's blog is here.

thomas macker

photographs from thomas macker

neither of these images is completely succeeding to me, but i seem to be drawn to them anyway.

above: the idea and the gesture are admittedly less than original, but i can't resist the ripples of the water and the cool blue color palate. here the dark space at the top of the image really works for me.

below: the bright eggplant color of the girl's bathing suit bottoms as well as the unidentifiable turquoise object on the dock begin to engage my eye. but i guess something is off in the composition, or i can't read enough into the gestures of the subjects. plus, the dark mass at the top of the photo feels overwhelmingly large, or, alternately, the black void is not large enough. in either case i wish the figures were more centrally placed so they would look more like they were caught in the headlights of a car, almost as if they were being hunted.

thomas's flickr page is here.