Monday, September 1, 2008

thomas macker

photographs from thomas macker

neither of these images is completely succeeding to me, but i seem to be drawn to them anyway.

above: the idea and the gesture are admittedly less than original, but i can't resist the ripples of the water and the cool blue color palate. here the dark space at the top of the image really works for me.

below: the bright eggplant color of the girl's bathing suit bottoms as well as the unidentifiable turquoise object on the dock begin to engage my eye. but i guess something is off in the composition, or i can't read enough into the gestures of the subjects. plus, the dark mass at the top of the photo feels overwhelmingly large, or, alternately, the black void is not large enough. in either case i wish the figures were more centrally placed so they would look more like they were caught in the headlights of a car, almost as if they were being hunted.

thomas's flickr page is here.

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