Wednesday, September 10, 2008

friends forever & gecko

i found these two videos via some grad school research i've been conducting of late.

above/ excerpt from friends forever
director marçal forés
producer ania nakov
cinematographer eduard grau
production designer marketa korinkova
editor miikka leskinen
sound recordist sara lima
sound designer chu-li shewring
composer natalie holt
online editor/colour grader martin cobelo weisz
writer melanie martinez

below/ gecko
written and directed by theresa von eitz
director of photography kristijan-jaak ruudi
camera stuart bontley
editor sergio vega borrego
composer kylie earl
sound post production ricardo fonseca

both films were created at the national film and television school in the uk.


Missa said...

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that those socks on Loveology that you were interested in are from Toast, I believe they are these. I have the same image saved in an inspiration folder, it was from one of their old catalogs. Gorgeous socks, too pricey for me though!

Your blog is lovely by the way :)

bluebird said...

damn. i was really hoping they were something i could knit...

you're blog is great as well.