Wednesday, June 20, 2007

words words words

some words i learned this week...

main entry: den·drite
function: noun
date: 1751
1: a branching treelike figure produced on or in a mineral by a foreign mineral; also : the mineral so marked
2: a crystallized arborescent form
3: any of the usually branching protoplasmic processes that conduct impulses toward the body of a neuron — see neuron

main entry: limn
pronunciation: \ˈlim\
function: transitive verb
inflected form(s): limned; limn·ing Listen to the pronunciation of limning \ˈli-miŋ, ˈlim-niŋ\
etymology: middle english limnen to illuminate (a manuscript), probably back-formation from lymnour illuminator, alteration of lumenur, from anglo-french aluminer, enluminer to illuminate, ultimately from Latin illuminare
date: 1592
1 : to depict or describe in painting or words
2 : to outline in clear sharp detail : delineate
3 : to suffuse or highlight with a bright color or light

main entry: 2torque
function: noun
etymology: latin torquēre to twist
date: circa 1884
1: a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion ; also : a measure of the effectiveness of such a force that consists of the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the axis of rotation
2: a turning or twisting forc

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