Wednesday, March 11, 2009

invisible city, issue 01

to my great surprise, one of my images was selected to be in the inaugural issue of invisible city, an online magazine conceived by marlaina read.

other contributors include:

marlaina read, alexander binder, aaron mcelroy, olivia locher, noel ruiz, alejandro cartagena, michael scaringe, kristen heldman, benjamin reich, chih-han hsu, jason reed, jordan tate, daniel farnum, susanne willuhn, grace kim, bruno roels, aaron joel, santos, carlo dulla, stephen donnelly, andrew p. marcinek, nicola trethowan, vladimir zykov, m kitchell, kris t kahn

a little about the project:

invisible city is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and writing by emerging artists from australia and around the world. each issue will explore a contemporary theoretical idea through images, creative and critical writing and will be curated to theme with an accompanying essay.

the magazine will be produced initially in pdf format, with a view to move to a full flash integration with an accompanying PDF edition.

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