Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a flickr a day

i decided to start a collection of images that i find on flickr and just post the image with a link to the flickr page. i like the idea of highlighting some seldom seen, yet powerful images, plus i think that after several months the group of images might evovle into an interesting curatorial statement. or whatever. i will affectionately call it: "a flickr a day." even though there is no chance whatsoever that i will post one everyday. here goes: catherine buca/layout by me

a note:

i wrote this after my fourth post but edited it into the first post to preserve the integity of the "flickr a day" posts. i want them to flow from one to the next, and this was too big an interruption:

alright, i've been at this "a flickr a day" thing for a few days now (something as ridiculously short as 4 days), and i want to say for the record that it is much more difficult than i anticipated. it takes me a pretty long time to find the image that is perfect for the day. i keep trying to take into account the season (since it is the holidays) and i also keep relating the picture to the picture from the day before, and the post before it, to make sure they go together (obviously) (i mean i can always use an image i like later on, when it makes more sense, right? why not keep wasting time looking for another image that fits?). and besides, we're talking about flickr here. not all the work is good. in fact, that's a vast understatement; most of the "work" is bad, or at the very least not intended to be taken seriously and then posted on someone's photo blog. plus, once i do find a photographer i like, the difficulty becomes narrowing it down to just one image because i mean, come on, all photography is shown in series these days. no one relies on just one image, which, is why you see the diptychs. and then there's the fact that i want to avoid showing the same person twice, even though some people could really be shown fairly often. maybe i could spend one week on each person. that's an idea. but then they would need to have at least five really strong images. oh man, do you see how difficult this is? so clearly i'm thinking about this too much. i'm going to make a commitment though to only post one image a day. so if you see a diptych that is because the artist intended it that way (like the above image by snjezana). or, if i can't stick to one image, i will add the tag "layout by me."

alright already. enough of my ramblings. i promise to make this the last time i interject, but i thought the explanation might have been warranted.

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