Tuesday, January 30, 2007

happy 100!

as of today, i have been blogging for exactly two months and this post happens to be my 100th. for some reason that strikes me as quite a milestone, so i thought this might be a good oppurtunity to reflect on this here blogging enterprise of mine:

i simultaneously feel as though i've been blogging for my whole life and as though i'm still a complete newbie. i feel like i came to this whole world of blogging out of nowhere but after a year and half of feeling like myspace just wasn't enough for me, i immediately recognized blogging as a form of online communication (and let's face it, entertainment) that truly fits my personality.

the "a flickr a day" idea was a real turning point for me in defining this blog. it has really kept me on task and forced me to blog on a daily basis which was good in the beginning when i really didn't know what i was trying to accomplish. and as i've mentioned before, flickr has become a surprising source of great photography finds. the flickr posts have also helped clarify the direction i want the blog to take as i see the wedding posts playing second fiddle to the photography. the decline in wedding posts actually makes a lot of sense to me because while i always intend to post about weddings, photography is really my first love and will be the main focus of this blog from now on.

i've also spent a significant amount of time in the past few months reading and looking at a lot of other blogs and while i've found many diary based photography blogs (both good and bad ones), i haven't found too many blogs that post about photography as inspiration the way so many bloggers post about fashion and design, so i think i might have found a little niche for myself in the blogging world. it feels so natural to me to post about good photography when i find it in unexpected places since i always have the reflex to share exciting discoveries with my friends anyway. blogging is not really that different from sketch-booking or posting comments on my friends myspace pages clueing them into my latest finds. now i just have this fantastic digital inspiration board with all my ideas organized in one place so i don't have to remember just who it was i told about it and instead of constantly harrassing my friends, they can browse at their leisure or when they find themselves in need of a little photography pick-me-up (as we all do from time to time).

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jinius said...

congrats on the 100th post! the photos and posts have been beautiful and inspiring. you're right-- there arent that many photo blogs about photo inspiration so this is a nice treat.