Thursday, January 18, 2007

the sartorialist

i was immediately attracted to the the sartorialist's straightforward portraiture and was delighted upon reading his biography to learn that his emphasis on photography is in no way accidental and indeed intended to express a point of view heavily influenced by his experience in the fashion industry:

"i thought i could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. my only strategy when i began the sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that i knew most designers hunted for inspiration. rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres. i’m always really happy when i meet a designer and hear that they use some of my photos for their inspiration boards. at the same time i’m also really touched when i get emails from everyday people who say they have been inspired to see themselves and others in a new and usually more accepting way."

plus, i learned a new word:
main entry: sar·to·ri·al
pronunciation: sär-'tor-E-&l, s&(r)-
function: adjective
etymology: medieval latin sartor
: of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly : of or relating to clothes
- sar·to·ri·al·ly /-E-&-lE/ adverb

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