Sunday, January 21, 2007

karen walker jewelry

karen walker's elegant jewelry gathers inspiration from a fairytale-like set of imagery. her regal lions, soft leaves, axes, and crosses mixed with ribbons, half moons, and other classic charms leave me with an overall impression that hovers somewhere between the feminine and the macabre (one of my favorite places), and these descriptions could also be applied to her masterful fashion designs as well.

but let's remember, this is a photography blog: her photography kicks ass. her (and by 'her' i of course mean her uncredited, although i'm sure well paid, photographer) unexpected use of animals more associated with fairytales and myths than jewelry, and her mixture of a warm color palette with soft lighting combine to create a beautiful magical world. i'm in love.

lastly, as someone who has mixed feelings about the idea of wearing an engagement ring (not that i'm getting engaged any time in the foreseeable future), i love the diamond studded band around the crow's beak in the above image (go to her website to see the image enlarged) as an upgrade from an unadorned band.

jessica this jewelry screams your name, although i'm pretty sure it's out of your price range. i couldn't say: the prices weren't listed.

via seamsters.

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