Friday, February 2, 2007

genevieve dionne

i've been trying to get inspired to complete a screen print that i designed a month or two ago. the print needs to be done in a under a month so that i can put it in a show in march as part of a collaborative with two friends of mine. to be honest i don't think screen printing is really my medium. it isn't immediate enough for me (plus i have trouble pulling the prints neatly) and i've been thinking about teaching myself to woodblock. but i was actually rather inspired by these wood burnings by genevieve dionne partly because they are so beautiful and partly because wood burning is something that my grandfather does as a hobby and i have been thinking recently that it would be really nice to ask him to teach me (which would require a lengthy and much overdue trip to florida). i also really liked the below collage of paper dipped in beeswax that genevieve did in collaboration with ben skinner.

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