Tuesday, February 6, 2007

hansi linderoth

hansilinderoth takes some of the best polaroids i've seen in a really long time. hands down. most of my time looking through flickr to find images for my "a flickr a day" is spent sifting through the over-abundance of really, really bad polaroid imagery (and also toy camera photos, but i'll save that for another post). the inherent washed out colors seduce people into thinking everything looks cool as a polaroid. this is not the case. hansi linderoth understands that polaroids can look like pure magic, like tiny precious jewels to be cherished, and his do. i never really gave polaroids much thought until jessica started working on them for her thesis. she looked at william christenberry for inspiration who shot with a brownie camera that overexposed his negatives to give him a similar effect. i wish more people's images were as inpsired.

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Anonymous said...

hansi is a genius.