Thursday, February 15, 2007

home sweet home

i got home from new york very late monday night, but i haven't had any time to put a decent post together (even though i had an unexpected and delightful snow day yesterday during which i divided my time evenly between sleeping and photoshopping the fashion show images). in fact i'm still not really ready to post anything, but i wanted to let people know i didn't suffer some strange and unfortunate death. i've even been busy enough to avoid adding to the "a flickr a day" images, which don't actually take all that long to post so there should be no excuse. but i have in fact been busy and have needed time to recuperate from that whirlwind of a trip which was really quite fun, even though i feel like all i really did was eat. don't worry though, all of that gluttony wasn't for naught as i learned a fun new word:

pronunciation: \kə-ˈmes-tə-bəl\
1 function: adjective
etymology: medieval latin comestibilis, from latin comestus, past participle of comedere to eat, from com- + edere to eat — more at eat
Date: 15th century
: edible
2 function: noun
date: 1837
: food — usually used in plural

i hope to post something more substantial and hopefully photography related by the end of the day, but i'm not making any promises.

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Alissa said...

yeah for gre words...i actually knew that one.