Thursday, February 22, 2007

kate spade/ behind the curtain

lt. and i had a very productive day dreaming session the other day about the possibility of starting our own design studio with our friend mike (who unfortunately couldn't make the meeting). i'm not exactly a graphic designer, and they're not exactly photographers, but we think we could make something work. all three of us have wild creative ideas that need an outlet of some sort and maybe more importantly, we would like the proceeds of these ventures to sustain our desired lifestyles. who knows where this dream will eventually take us, but we had fun imagining it anyway.

this idea of channeling all of our creative forces behind one name, got me thinking about the way kate spade's studio, the projects of which are highlighted on the site behind the curtain, acts as a conduit for all of her and her team's creative ideas. their array of imaginative projects, ranging from publishing books to producing films and curating art exhibits, are funded by the kate spade bag and fashion line (if i have my way, this is exactly where my dreams will take me).

on a similarly inspiring note, abby clawson low is the senior art director at kate spade. you can read a brief interview with abby over at hoping for happy accidents (my favorite snippet of that article: "wishing for...boyfriends for my sisters").

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