Monday, February 26, 2007

layout frustrations

i'm fussing around with the layout and header design. please bear with me until i come up with something a little more permanent (suggestions and feedback are strongly encouraged). meanwhile, i'm finding all this change highly disconcerting.

post script/
also, i'm trying to figure out how to change the labels (above the lists on the right, 'about me,' etc.) to images of my own design, anyone know how? i've seen other blogs that have done this (like this one), but i can't seem to find instructions anywhere.


jinius said...

let me know if you figure it out! ive been trying to change my header as well but dont know how.

bluebird said...

to change my header i uploaded a jpeg to blogger (or flickr but beware flickr resizes your images) and copied the image location and inserted it into the header (with the "img src = paste code" that i use to post pictures into myspace comments), then i changed the font color of my header to match my background so it still registers with google. i have no idea if that's what people who know more about webdesign would do, but it worked, so take my tips at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

it's not letting me post html, so sorry if this is confusing. i had to delete the brackets.

you're using a different template than me, but hopefully this should still work. when you're in edit html, click the "expand widget templates" box in the upper right. the code becomes very dense, so it might help to paste it into notepad so you can do searches.

do a search for one of your sidebar headers, like "about me", and hopefully you find a tag that starts

b:widget id

and somewhere in there it says title='about me'.

then, look a few lines down for
h2... data:title/... img class="widgetImageHeader"

put your new image in the src. with these widgets, you have to put a / when you close it, as in src="blah"/> otherwise it'll give you an error message.

bluebird said...

thanks! i'll try my hand at it this evening. that doesnt sound all that difficult.