Saturday, February 17, 2007

my dream wedding

i haven't been very inspired by anything wedding related lately, but after spending quite a bit of time on lena corwin's blog today i came across this quote in a post about her wedding: "i'm still not sure how i went from being a total anti-bride (wanting to get married at city hall) to having a big weekend event-- worthy of martha stewart weddings magazine." as someone with similar leanings, and finding my curiosity piqued, i began to dig around for images of her wedding, which i promptly found on her flickr page.

let me just say that i was more than a little jealous to find that she threw the wedding of my dreams (that is, on the rare occasion that i let myself think utterly crazy thoughts about what my wedding would look like should i choose to have one): late summer, casual, outdoors, in the evening with no tent and lots of pretty lights. i don't want to give too much away, but i was particularly excited about the backdrops she used for the photography (which as a whole gets 5 stars from me; i'm guessing she asked friends to do it). it feels more than a little weird to me to be posting about the wedding of someone i don't know in real life, but i can't help myself. actually, i can imagine any one of my friends planning a wedding like this. on second thought i probably shouldn't be sharing this valuable information as i'll probably be the last of my crew to go...

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