Sunday, March 11, 2007

the bruise magazine

i'm working with a fantastic new online magazine called the bruise that i came in contact with through myspace. their current issue, "the warming landscape," looks at contemporary issues relating to landscape and environment.

i was particularly impressed with krista connerly's work which "looks at the idea of the 'black forest' and it's corresponding language of fairy tales. the stories that have grown out of this landscape seem to point to the calibration of internal to external. for instance, swallowing the heart of a bird creates a kind of physical alchemy during sleep that makes gold appear under your pillow. fairy tales are filled with transformations like these and these activities are born out of the place itself; the forest as a density of desires and fears." i like that her work transcends the cliche imagery customarily associated with fairy tales.

i'm currently working on curating an issue around the idea of family in photography. if you have work related to that theme, please drop me a line (


jinius said...

that's great about bruise magazine! congrats!

bluebird said...

thanks! now i just have to round up the photo troops and coerse them to send in their jpegs...