Monday, March 12, 2007

busy bird

ever notice how everything in life seems to converge on you at exactly the same time? let's take a look at my week:

1/ we have an opening at the photography gallery where i spend my days, gallery 339, this friday (of guariglia + chen whose work i definitely recommend even though i don't really have time to devote a post to them just now). this means long days and lots of physical labor.

2/i have family coming in from st. louis on wednesday (who i haven't seen in i can't actually remember how long).

3/ which happens to be the same day as a once a month ladies business meeting i attend and since i had to miss last month's because i was in new york, i really don't want to skip again (even though both my family and the meeting are really a non-issue since i'll probably have to stay at work until at least 9 hanging the show anyway).

4/ plus, lt. and i have planned a weekend of printmaking (dubbed printfest07, for which i haven't fully finished preparing my sketches or mylars) with a tentative starting date of saturday depending on my level of exhaustion and the amount of time i have spent with the fam.

oh, and did i mention i'm dog sitting this week?

needless to say, posting will be a little limited in the mean time. i'll try to keep up with "a flickr a day," but i'm not making any promises. i hope to resume in full next monday, and i wish everyone a nice week.

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