Tuesday, March 27, 2007

day dreaming

i've been in the middle of building a studio for myself since at least september (maybe you remember i posted about it in mid january?). i made the decision about a month ago to start moving some of my things into the room even though i hadn't painted yet, or actually spackled for that matter, or cleaned the walls even.

it was a decision made more for my sanity than it was for practicality's sake because as it was i had stuffed four years worth of photography matter along with all of my clothes and personal things into my rather small bedroom, and i couldn't find anything i needed or walk through the space without maiming myself. the sense of relief upon organizing my things was beyond words, or frankly i would have posted about it, but of course now when i go to paint i'll need to figure out how to deal with the colossal bookcase i moved into the room and immediately filled to the brim with my things. in the meantime i've been shopping for furniture both in my basement, where i found the perfect worktable (something i've been searching high and low for for months; it just needs a good cleaning and a new paint job), and ikea, where, let's face it, i can almost always find something i need. okay, want.

i've been coveting the above table for what feels like forever, but i just spotted this swivel chair today, and i might have to get it. instead of the more practical stool that i was planning to purchase (obviously). for the record, i was in search of a rug today, not a chair.

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