Tuesday, March 6, 2007

jaime alvarez

lt. sent me a link to her friend jaime's site today that i thought i should pass along. his work is both really smart and really enjoyable, and i'm going to let him explain it:

"within a critical moment in some one's life, time is always described as irrelevant. sometimes people don't notice it pass, other times, it passes too quickly. this series of 12 photographs alludes to those certain moments when time deceives us. for 13 months my father was fighting a battle with cancer, and through that period of documentation, i chose to redisplay these moments as if time were passing by, but only the details remained behind."

i hope the next time i imply that i don't like highly conceptual photography someone calls me a liar to my face. see also: uta barth; read fascinating interview with her here.

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