Wednesday, March 7, 2007


i was browsing montmarte's blog today and found a link (i think via mav) to the fashion line lyell where i was greeted by some highly inspired fashion and some equally inspired fashion photography. the company clearly takes a lot of pride in their photographic imagery and i delighted in the result. they generously listed their photographers on their contact page (saving me the impossible task of tracking them down):

1/ richard kern
spring & summer 2007

explore his site at your own risk as his images are more than a little risque. his images for lyell on the other hand kind of remind me of loretta lux because of the way the model is made to look like a little girl.

2/ gareth mcconnell
fall 2006

to whom i'll try to devote a more comprehensive post to a little later.

3/ noah sheldon
nyc spring 2006, paris 2005, & nyc 2004

i saw this website a few months ago and thought i would never be able to remember how i found it, only to come to it via an entirely different route; what a serendipitous coincidence.

if you're more interested in the fashion than the photography i suggest reading refinery29's page on lyell and their chat about nolita with the australian designer, emma fletcher.


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