Friday, March 2, 2007

the ongoing moment

i had planned on working on a post when i got home from work last night, but around the time i left work i got slammed with the massive headache i had been trying to fight off all day. unfortunately, i couldn't even go straight home because i didn't have access to a car and had to take the train (nothing makes a headache better than an encounter with septa) and then wait at the borders in chestnut hill until someone could finally come pick me up at ten.

my bookstore excrusion was not altogether unproductive though. i stumbled upon a book i had heard about a while ago called the ongoing moment by geoff dyer. it's kind of a fun look at photography from someone who is not actually a photographer, and you don't really need to be well versed in the history of photography to enjoy it, yet it talks about photography intelligently enough for die hards like me to want to read it in one sitting. i was particularly amused by the passages that intimated about how big of a pervert alfred stieglitz was.

when i finally got home, i took some extra strength tylenol (and an aleve) and settled in to watch the black donnellys, bitter that it was on in place of my beloved er (which totally sucks this season) and was immediately sucked in. i can't help it; i love soap opera dramas. my favorite part of the show was when bobby donnelly, the main character who's currently enrolled in art school (and dating, wait for it, a photography student at somewhere really cliche, could a show get more awesomely bad than that? i doubt it), is sitting in a deli drawing a realistic portrait of his lifelong love, hoping she won't catch him. yeah, because that's the kind of art that's made in art school these days: sappy portraits of pretty girls. it required some serious suspension of disbelief on my part. i loved it anyway.

just so you know, you can catch the pilot on nbc's website, but watch at your own risk. this is highly addictive stuff.

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