Friday, April 6, 2007

all the cool things i've been up to

1/ while working on curating the upcoming issue of the bruise, and in between stealing time for many of my other pending and top secret schemes, i somehow managed to discover several cool little projects that you may find interesting enough to participate in. eshu (aka liz) has been busy folding cranes for the paper crane project where she sends you a paper crane and you send her a picture of it; her goal is to fold no less than 1000 cranes. to learn more about the paper crane project, or if you want to participate, go here the two images accompanying this post (above: rebeccamissing, below: 10 cent designer) are being auctioned off on flickr to help fund the subsequent costs.

2/the fantastically funny blog, things my boyfriend says, really made my friday. i thought the blog was liz's, but she tells me it isn't. i believe her of course. i don't know how i got the idea it was; i did find the link to it on her blog.

3/ aslo today i saw a post about a gift swap organized by marta where you send someone three gifts of a certain color and you get three back in a surprise color. you only have till 6 tonight (friday, april 6) to sign up, so hurry over there.

4/ finally, i came across a promising new photoblog called the habit of being. it's still very new, so there isn't very much to see yet, but i'm keeping my eyes peeled. i'll keep everyone posted.


jinius said...

such cool projects!

eshu said...

thank you a million times for the coolest post!

but, unfortunately, i have to say... "things my boyfriend says" isn't my blog... my boyfriend's not nearly as funny. wish i could take credit for it though!

have a great weekend :)

bluebird said...

well, i guess i'll have to correct that. i wonder why i thought it was. very strange indeed. thanks.

nicole said...

Aw, I love you! :)