Saturday, April 28, 2007

ashley ordering

i found the sweet and quirky images of ashley ordering today through the affordable art guide on d*s. i especially love sets 2 - 5 because instead of presenting several images from one series together (like she does in sets 1 and 15), she pairs seemingly incongruous images together to make a more compelling story. in fact, the first time i looked through those sets, i thought she had mixed old family photos in with her own images, but on subsequent viewing i think i've determined that they are all her own images. after the 5th set i started to get a little bored even though tucked into each set there was almost always one or two really really amazing images.

i also really responded to the styling in a lot of the photos. she presents a sort of hispter-vintage-chic lifestyle that has a timely (and timeless) quality to it.

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