Tuesday, April 17, 2007

close to home

it's finally done! i've been teasing you all for weeks with mentions of the issue i was curating for the bruise magazine, and at long last "we at the bruise" have something to show you. we asked five other photographers to submit images based on the theme family ties and the home, and i must say, everything came together quite swimmingly. so without further adieu...

close to home, an exhibition curated by carey macarthur (that's me) with images by:

carey macarthur/ alison whittington/ alissa hafele/ catharine maloney/ jaime alvarez/ alexandra batsford

"as photographers we inherently explore the world around us yielding a small glass lens like a weapon. we look. we see. and we try to make some sense and order of our own small worlds. sometimes we only succeed by compelling the fragile relics of our families, all of our hidden secrets, into a composition and onto an equally fragile sheet of plastic. those photographs in turn become new relics carrying with them their own quiet meanings and secrets that haunt and confound us. our families are our past, present, and future, so are our photographs, the two, our closest relations." -- me

special thanks to the multi-talented mark shepherd for inviting me to participate in this project. if you are interested in submitting work to the bruise (anything at all; it doesn't need to be photography), send images to: submit(at)thebruise.com. they would be more than delighted to see what you're working on.

oh, and by the way, the images above and below are mine.

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jinius said...

such amazing work!!! congrats!