Saturday, April 7, 2007

some 'traditional' self portraits

in this the age of the "myspace" self portrait, i was charmed to find these three traditional "mirror and 'old-fashioned' camera" self portraits on flickr.

top left: ...chourmo, top right: allygurl1016, below: emma wears an anorak


Anonymous said...

I hate the "myspace" self portrait. I just assigned my kids a self portrait project and showed them some of my work and they pegged one as the "myspace" self portrait. It is on myspace but I was trying to get them to see past why I would show my own self portrait, documenting an event of painting a room blue. Anyway, I love the images you pick Carey. My teacher was surprised about the self portraits I chose to show the kids, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, John Coplans, Shirin Neshat, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nikki Lee, and Yasumasa Morimura. It was funny to see them react differently to similar things in the photos.

bluebird said...

why was your teacher surprised by the work you showed to your kids? was it too risque for their age or something? i would have chosen similarly. i might have included stephen shore though because i think his take on the self portriat is a a little different. and maybe lee friedlander. how is the teaching thing going by the way? do you like it? are you still up north?

michelle said...

I am still up North, my lease is up at the end of June so I'll be roaming around Philly until finding a teaching job anywhere in the world. I like teaching, I like the kids alot. I couldn't imagine teaching anyone but high schoolers. I'm also teaching photo which is exciting because my skills have not gone to waste.

Anyway, I don't know why this hasn't occured to me before, that I should start my own blog. Well, I have before but they tend to fizzle. I'll let you know when I've begun blogging.

bluebird said...

i'm sure you make an excellent teacher, so i'm happy to hear you enjoy it and i'm glad that you have stayed true to your photo roots. i'm sure you would make an equally great blogger, but it's certainly not for everyone. i myself really enjoy it though.

ms said...

the self portrait by chourmo is beautiful indeed. I got my own small collection...drop by if you have a minute.