Monday, April 30, 2007

mellow + yellow swap

i'm pretty sure marta and i read each other's minds because we both gave each other presents (for the gift swap that she organized) that the other had been secretly pining over. what a fortuitous match!

some fyi's:

1/ in the interest of becoming better friends, marta asked if she could interview me. i delightfully consented.

2/ you can see all the other amazing and creative gifts exchanged through the swap by going here.

3/ marta has amazing handwriting.

4/ and let me just say that she took some stunning photos of the gifts i sent her! the lighting is so beautiful. so beautiful!

i mentioned my swap partner to my sister, and ever the musical lover, she responded: "i'm marta and i'm going to be seven on tuesday and i'd like a pink parasol." "pink is my favorite color too." (i'm sure marta is fully aware of the reference.)


I'm Andrea said...

beautiful! marta is a pro. and your photography is stunning.

marta said...

thanks carey! it has been so nice to meet you.

and yes, of course, sound of music is in my blood. tell your sister hello and cheers for knowing that line. it made me smile.