Monday, April 16, 2007

my crazy weekend...

let's imagine it's ten o'clock on a saturday night and you just got home from a long week of work (okay maybe for effect you should imagine it's a friday night) and just for fun, you decide tonight is the night you are going to move an enormous peice of furniture up from your basement, an enormous piece of furniture that has been sitting in said damp basement for probably longer than you've been alive (in this case 22 years), and let's imagine for the sake of argument that your sister agrees to help you with said endeavor and that upon your arrival with "beasy" at the top of the stairs, you realize that getting her past the washing machine and around the corner is going to be quite the adventure. and what an adventure it was because as you've probably guessed by now, this hypothetical activity was really truly my saturday night. god bless my sister. the whole situation would probably have gone a lot smoother if we had boyfriends, but as we do not have boyfriends, we had to manage on our own.

the project was well worth the sweat and tears as i've been sitting at beasy in my studio all weekend enjoying the view of my backyard and watching the tremendous noreaster we experienced while working on this and this and a screen printing project that i don't have up yet. i did manage to tear myself away from my studio long enough to make a field trip to ikea where i saw lots of stuff to finish getting my darkroom in order all of which i intend to purchase as soon as i get paid again:

1/ the nian wall shelf with built in lighting finally ends my search for a sweet looking light table (i think the 22" was on sale for $19.99 because it says $75 or something on the website and i remember thinking it was more affordable)

2/ these measuring cups for all my chemical concoctions, and

3/ this clothes tidy to dry my film in.

i also filed my taxes today. wow. what a productive weekend.

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