Thursday, April 12, 2007

my life will never be the same

finding that trove of photo blogs via alec soth was almost as momentous an occasion as being initiated into the very world of blogging itself. i can't wait to infiltrate their clique. i think it will finally give me some more material to pull from and allow me to direct my posts to an audience of mainly photo people and stop feeling like i need to dumb down my medium. sorry if that's harsh. deal. i feel a blog overhaul coming on. i still want to keep the focus on young photographers. not even "emerging" photographers, who are just starting to get gallery recognition, but photographers like myself who are just young and out there doing their photo thing. and i don't know if you've noticed but i have kind of gender bias towards female photographers. feminine work resonates with me. and i have seen first hand that female photographers and artists get shafted (i graduated with 2 guys out of 18 students, and when i visited yale this week i noticed there were more females than males in the room, yet the ratio of men to women who have gallery representation disproportionately favors men, so bite me).

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