Wednesday, April 18, 2007

paul herbst pretends to be a photographer

i really enjoy paul herbst's sense of humor. his site, my dream is the awakening, showcases some terribly interesting images paired with such apt, witty titles, that the titles themselves almost become another visual element of the diptych: above static combination, below rapid chess tournament.

(and, yes, alec soth has been posting about titles for the last few days, but, no, this wasn't directly influenced by that; i swear this is just a coincidence, well at least i think it's just a coincidence, it's just as likely that after reading his post i was subconsciously more conscious of titles. it's tough to say for sure.)

paul also has a decent variety of interesting stuff on flickr, and as far as "pretending" to be a photographer goes, he's doing a really crappy job, or i guess a really good job depending on how you look at it.


missplatt said...

Weird, I just realized we posted about the same guy. I found him randomly through searching on flickr.

bluebird said...

i saw that! i assumed it because we both have such a great eye for photo i guess i was right.