Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the poetic logic of art and aesthetics

i inherited a small pile of magazines today that my boss had designated as recycling:

issues 184 and 185 of aperture (fall and winter 2006)/ issues 43 and 44 of portfolio/ and issue 47 (summer 2006) of source (i'm sure such specific information makes little difference to anyone, but details are in fact very important to me).

those magazines led me to investigate photographers like edgar martins (strangely i keep confusing his name with with medgar evers in my head) who made an appearance in both aperture issue 184 and portfolio issue 44. quite the coincidence indeed. the delightfully surreal image above is from his seductively titled series, the accidental theorist. find more of his work at the betty cunningham gallery or at the moth house. and also the photographer magali nougarede's images (portfolio 44) remind me exactly of a project zia worked on once (see below).

there was also a fascinating article on frederick sommer that has me searching high and lo for a copy of the poetic logic of art and aesthetics and also the writings of martha rosler were mentioned somewhere, so i'll be looking into her as well.

other recent acquisitions to my library: so the story goes: photographs by tina barney, philip-lorca dicorcia, nan goldin, sally mann, and larry sultan (the catalog accompanying the Art Institute of Chicago's fall exhibit)/ diane arbus revelations/ lorna simpson/ and the nature of photographs by stephen shore.

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Janet said...

I am obsessive about the little details too. Glad to know there is a kindred spirit out there. I have been reading your blog for a week now and so enjoy it. Thank you for such beautiful things.