Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ever have a really great friend who you haven't talked to in so long that any conversation will inevitably entail catching her up on all the pesky details of your life that make up the context of every other major story you want to tell her and you just keep putting off the call because you never seem to have a large enough slot of time to devote to so colossal an undertaking? i often leave those phone calls entirely unsatisfied because while explaining all the details, i can never comfortably settle into the natural rhythm of our friendship.

that's how i feel about the post i want to write about last weekend. so i'll just leave you with the highlights for now: i went to new york and saw some photo exhibits. i shot a bunch of photos.

i'll try to fill in the rest later.


Anonymous said...

:( That makes me sad. I have a sense of what you mean. But, it makes me want to not call you. Which is sad.

bluebird said...

it shouldn't make you not want to call me! it should make you want to call me more often so that we don't have that problem!