Tuesday, April 3, 2007

some required

if it seems like i haven't posted anything substantial in several days, that would be because i haven't. i've been kinda busy with a variety of projects, and also i've been catching up on sleep. i have some posts in mind, but you'll have to wait patiently just a little while longer until i can put one together. if in the meantime you find your self in desperate need of some photo blog reading, i can direct you over to some required for all the fashion photography you can handle. i send you there because lu-yi was kind enough to compliment me on my "a flickr a day" series, and as she was the first to really do so, i was more than a little ecstatic. the lack of comments i receive can be deafening sometimes.


irene said...


your wish for comments is my command!

i have been lurking for a while, ever since you featured my photos in your 'flickr a day' series. thank you for that, i was excited to see my work here!

how did you find my photos by the way? what made you want to post them? i notice you don't include text with the 'flickr a day' posts.

thank you also for pointing out more photographers of interest, just as i think i'd exhausted my inspiration from flickr, you provide some more!

i'll be commenting more in future.


bluebird said...

hi irene, i missed the part of your comment where you asked me how i found you, otherwise i would have replied sooner.

i honestly can't remember how i found you. i find the majority of the "flickr a days" by browsing through other flickr members favorites sections so probably i found you that way. you have very nice work. i think the first images i saw of yours were your polaroids.

no, i don't comment on the flickr's becuase i post one every day and i think that just by posting them it's clear that i like them and i like the how clean the image looks by itself. i don't think i'd be able to keep it up if i had to write something for every image.

i hope you keep reading!