Wednesday, April 4, 2007

who watched house last night?

can we talk for just a second about last night's episode of house? let me correct myself: about the deliciously bad episode of house in which a suspiciously annie leibowitz like character (only this character was straight) is mysteriously dying from a difficult pregnancy, an annie leibowitz like character who makes amazingly cliche and bold statements about portraiture like, "i'm trying to see into people's souls." also, i really liked that she was diligently taking pictures throughout her stay at the hospital which were somehow instantaneously developed and delivered to her hospital room. confounding my confusion was the fact that she seemed to be shooting digitally, meaning she wasn't just sending her film out to the lab to processed. where were those prints even coming from? and what's more, i was vastly impressed that her photographs were basically on par with the level of pictures freshman year photo students make. i was fortunate enough to see the episode whilst in the company of two other photographers, so fear you not, none of these little gems went unnoticed.

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nicole said...

Although I didn't see it (no tv in our house) can I just say that your photos are stellar? So cool