Tuesday, May 8, 2007

and i have returned

i returned late last night from an invigorating weekend with family. i'm still trying to process it all. among the highlights of the trip: my aunt (my dad's sister) shared some photo albums with me from when she was a little girl that i had never seen before, and i'm dying to get my hands on them so that i can scan the good ones. and by 'good ones' i of course mean the wonderfully creepy ones. i had been searching for pictures just like them in my mom's family's pile of slides but those images, mostly from family vacations, have an unfortunate fake quality to them, the superficialness of which is incongruous to my aesthetic sensibility; my dad's family's had the darker mood that i had been seeking.


Neil said...

I'm planning on scanning those photos myself. When I do, I'll send you the creepiest ones I can find!

bluebird said...

how high res can you scan them? 1600? because that would save me another trip up.

bluebird said...

p.s. don't tell your mom i want the creepy ones; she'll just be freaked out.