Tuesday, May 1, 2007

at long last, susan kae grant

a while back, i asked you, my readers, if you could help me determine the name of a certain photographer that i was having trouble remembering. you were, i'm remiss to say, extremely unhelpful. i learned absolutely nothing other than that as a group, you are an extremely quiet bunch. but don't worry your little heads, i found her, susan kae grant. unfortunately i wish i hadn't even bothered because the more of them i see, the less of them i like. except for the installations actually. maybe they are only meant to be viewed as installations so evalutating them as static images is unfair in the first place. i don't know. they certainly look more dynamic than the individual pictures. oh well. now i know her name anyway.


missplatt said...

Dude, I love Kara Walker...oh wait. Maybe Kara Walker and this artist should have a show together.

bluebird said...

i can't believe you just put kara walker in the same comment as this woman. although i appreciate that you finally drew some light on why i like these images.

missplatt said...

Yes I know, I love Kara Walker, I shouldn't have put them in the same comment as Susan Kae Grant. This woman is very reminiscent of Walker but with more clutter, they are sort of whimsical. The images are okay, I can't say I completely dislike them.