Tuesday, May 8, 2007

take us anywhere, but take us now

interesting group show in washington d.c. at the warehouse gallery called "take us anywhere, but take us now." good luck finding any information about the show on their site though. i did, however, see it mentioned on must warn others.

featuring the work of:
1/ shane lavalette, image above
2/ bryan schutmaat, featured as part of the flickrs a short while ago under his flickr pseudonym lastleaf
3/ and greg wasserstrom

(i'm less than a little surprised that they didn't find/ask a girl to participate, but that's really a topic for another post, or maybe even another blog entirely, that would deal more directly with such apathetic displays of sexism.)


eshu said...

i was introduced to the oh-so-talented lastleaf via your blog. i don't have enough thankyou's in this world to say thank you in the way that i mean it. his photography is the epitome of perfection to me.

thank you little bluebird :)

bluebird said...

i must agree. he's quite the talented young man. i'm glad i could be of service.

Shane said...

Hi bluebird.

Thanks for posting about our show! I have a few words that I'll trust you don't take too heavily as they ended up being longer/more concerned than I had intended. I was really just surprised to see what you wrote about us;

I can only hope you don't truly think the exhibition to be sexist or apathetic -- on many levels, I believe this an unfair proposition. First, it wasn't "organized" by any one person for any one theme and therefore is does not aim to necessarily encapsulate a spectrum of image making and leaves nobody at fault for any lack of representation there. I was invited to show with Bryan and Greg by Bryan and Greg and, had the space been bigger, I'm sure others would have also taken part in the exhibition (and the artist list may have included female photographers, of course). It's true, there are plenty of photographers I can think of whose work would have an interesting dialogue with ours. I can understand this conversation in the context of many current shows/collections that I see on display but, I can say rather confidently, this is not one of those shows.

As a sidenote, your blog looks pretty wonderful and I'll stop in to see what's new -- I also write a blog here.

Again, we really apprecaite you making post and please don't take my comments too personally. Maybe we'll see you at the show?

bluebird said...

i knew that comment would get misconstrued:

i did not in fact mean to imply that i found the show, the work, or the artists sexist. i was simply pointing out the oversight of not including a girl. as a woman, i am overly sensitive to the exclusion of my gender in the art world, especially in instances like these where it was not done out of any malicious intent, but rather out of, well, apathy.

you'll note that i used the adjective "apathetic" to modify the word "display." in other words, i find the indifference toublesome. although i'm sure i could at times be accused of the reversely excluding guys.

i recognize that this was probably an unfair time and place to air this discussion and that your show was probably organized very diy, but i felt compelled as all three artist's take an overtly "boy" perspective on a theme that is just as prevalently covered by women (see alexandra batsford and ziasaurus in my link list).

Shane said...

I understand, which is why I prefaced the comment (take it with a grain of salt). And I apprecaite the dialogue, as I think it's important.

P.S. Thanks for the links, I really enjoyed some of Alexandra's images. Take a look at my friend Alana's work.

Montmarte said...

Hi Bluebird...Thanks for posting on this show, can't wait to check it out!