Thursday, May 24, 2007

we've moved on

i often like to learn more about the photographers i choose for the flickrs. i try to pick images that are not only interesting, but that are made by interesting, talented artists. miranda lehman (aka fjordscape aka this weeks' flickr) is just such a photographer. i visited her site vouloire where i found a tightly edited group of 6 images from her portentously titled series their bodies breathed for three days after they died, some of which i had used for the flickrs, some of which i hadn't seen on her flickr page at all.

this foray into miranda's work of course led me astray.

i found an exhibition called we've moved on, why can't you curated for wheat toast by miranda (image above) and kamden vencill (image below). a poetic exhibition of sorts, the show features work by seven artists, five of which are photographers. these nostalgic, washed out pictures, unexpectedly composed in pinks and blues, draw from a collective visual vocabulary of seascapes, forests, and dreams. the images seem to have been selected with great care, as each series of photographs builds upon the same ideas as the last. as if all the images were cast into a bag, pulled out one by one, and then set carefully into place independently of their owners.

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