Sunday, December 9, 2007

out with the old

i started writing this post well over two weeks ago, but got sidetracked (as often happens). i think that posting it on new years eve is quite fitting though:

i processed film for the first time since graduating (june 06) thursday night. it sparked an avalanche. yesterday i processed 6 times in a row, officially working through half my pile of neglected film. my aim is to get through the remainder by this friday.

i intentionally threw all the film into one bowl refusing to differientiate the newer work from the older because i knew if i knew which ones were which i might never have touched the older ones. of course this made the experience of looking through the images much more difficult. very scary. i didn't even want to look at the older ones because i feel such a strong urge to move on, but then when i finally saw that some of those images were rather stunning compared to the newer ones in which none of my ideas are fully developed yet, i was rather demoralized. but over all i think the new work is headed in an exciting direction. and i still have 12 plus rolls to process so the adventure continues.

special thanks to lisa elmaleh for constantly nagging me to process my film at her house and for subsequently driving my chemicals back to my apartment (and for getting that stupid filter off my faucet). the diptych below is hers.


cadiz12 said...

sometimes when i look back at older work i'm surprised at how much better it is than i had given myself credit for when i was working on it. i hope you get through processing all the old and the new very soon.

g e n O H v i e v e said...

i am buying you a beer for this!
and we will cheers so loud(ly!)
i wanna
see it all

g e n O H v i e v e said...

i have missed your blog!
i was away from the internet for two weeks
and before that
there hadn't been anything for so long!
it was killing me!
she's back!

bluebird said...

i knew you would be excited. i shall show you everything as soon as you get yourself back to our lovely city.