Saturday, May 31, 2008

magdalena fischer

above, the first images i saw by magdalena fischer: awkward, half-naked youths; vaguely unsettling but somehow rather amusing (especially the portraits like the left one where the sitter is looking directly into the camera, very seedy i feel).

last week's flickr selections (also by magdalena): i curated several really fun images in which magdalena playfully obscures the faces of the subject.

and then there was the below picture which sort of embodied the idea of decisive moment to me. how strangely that striped shirt fits the girl. maybe it's an optical illusion, but it seems to truncate her in a bizarre way. and the foot of the child on the swing looks sort of misshapen too. she makes me want to stretch out my big toe to imitate her gesture.

very humorous.


Mischa said...

That is odd! I love Magdalena's work-- it's so strange and beautiful.

christian said...