Wednesday, May 21, 2008

maximilian haidacher

i can't get over the color palate of maximilian haidacher images. they look just like painting, yet they are they still very much photographs.

part of me feels like i already posted these images. but i can't find them in the archives. maybe they were flickrs? but even if i have, i sort of feel like they deserve a second look.

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marlo said...

Hi. I tried to find your email address on the page, but I didn't see it. I just graduated (yesterday!) with a BFA in photography and am wrestling with the dilemma of fine art photos vs commercial photos. We're so programmed in art school to detest commercial stuff, yet, if you want to make money (to say, pay off student loans!!) you kinda have to work. Anyway, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind passing any advice or lessons learned my way? I'm especially interested in the type of camera you use to shoot. Right now I have a Mamiya RB67, but am considering a switch to digital.
Thanks in advance. I really enjoy the blog.
My email: